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Yes, on both Closing and Opening
Wireless controller for arming and disarming Remotely

Sensor to detect Water leaks before becoming a flood

Commercial, monitors the interior of a business, ignores small Rodents, but protects against larger pets, such as cats and dogs. Up to 40 ft

You can add up to 4 Cameras, Including a Door bell

Yes, Bat-connect is a takeover, and expansion system

Yes, Our Connect+ hub installed with all cards to control all smart devices

Connect+ is capable of supporting up to 16 total Bluetooth Smart devices. No limits to phones or tablets controlling Connect+ over the cloud service.Up to 50 users and up to 96 zones
Cellular, WIFI, or Ethernet communication channels

Variable coverage from 5 ft to 20 ft maximum, ideal for an area with lots of glass windows and doors

Use the NanoMax, add metal casing and magnets

Tilt, is a sensor to notify when a garage door opens

Ideal for a second location, light indicator to confirm arming

The motion sensor covers up to 40 ft, and can have pets up to 60 lbs.Use a commercial sensor, and a modifier to cover up to 60 ft, No pets